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Los Angeles Lakers face coverings, Fanatics Nba Face Masks, koshshop.com - WilliamR - 03-29-2021

San Antonio has lost two straight after winning three in a row on its recent trip.Detroit Pistons face coverings

Al Horford is out for the second game in a row, according to Locked on Thunder's Rylan Stiles. Officially for rest purposes, Horford's last appearance was Thursday. He sat on Sunday as well. Dort is out with a toe injury, according to Stiles. He scored 23 points on Sunday and played critical defense. Darius Bazley (shoulder), George Hill (thumb) and Josh Hall (knee) all remain out.

"To have a chance to play better on Sunday, the (new) guys have to get acclimated," Clifford said.

It seemed inevitable the Rockets would face a rebuilding project after trading Russell Westbrook and James Harden. But the Rockets have little to show for it since then. Beyond John Wall, the Rockets have random spare parts. They dealt Oladipo – a key piece as part of the Harden deal – to Miami after he declined to a two-year extension offer. The Rockets received two role players (Avery Bradley, Kelly Olynyk) and a draft pick (2022 first-round swap rights). The Rockets have four first-round picks and five pick swaps. But this hardly matches what the Rockets could have received after originally trading a generational talent in Harden. In related news, the Rockets (12-31) have lost 21 of their past 22 games and also experienced a 20-game losing streak.Dallas Mavericks face coverings

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Fanatics Nba Face Masks

Never one to miss out on a good tweeting opportunity, Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid had some advice on how the Oklahoma City Thunder should use Tony Bradley, his former backup in Philadelphia.Los Angeles Lakers face coverings

On Sunday, the Knicks hung with the Philadelphia 76ers for nearly three hours before falling 101-100 in overtime.Washington Wizards face coverings

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Davis and Wright could make for an exciting second unit, which the Kings have been lacking. There is a lot of potential for this pairing to push the tempo and build off of what the second unit brings to the table.

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