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Hackers on WW2 COG
Monday, 25 march, 2019
Spawncamp keep headshot when i and the witness get out the spawn and its only 3 person on so i think he connot play when somany person
and i was hiding all the time and he always find me Sorry i dont have evidence videos but its 100% confirm hacking

Hackers: STEAM_1:1:420836700

Witness: STEAM_0:1:462426398
Umbrella, while we really appreciate posts like this about people ruining the fun for others on the game, it is really hard to ban someones, without evidence. As I'm sure you've heard the proverb, "innocent until proven guilty"
HOWEVER: because you have given the steam link of the person ( Steam ID would have been better along with the persons in game name) I can keep an eye out for this person in the future. I will locate the steam ID of the player later today when I am online, and I will add them to the watch list so that all other admins/staff are aware to keep an eye on the person.

Thank you for the post however I cannot ban this person, yet.
VF Gaming Lead Manager.

you can only get smarter, by playing a smarter opponent. 
welp nothing to do thx anyways
ohh yeah admin could i add one more person that cheating his change his nickname ingame name so i really dont know
Umbrella I’m not saying it’s impossible but you should know the server has some advanced methods of finding players that Aimbot and banning them automatically

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