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Perks for Prestige
So ATM Once you Prestige your Sent Back to Level 1, That's It. Now If your feeling for a Challenge And Wanting to Do it All Over Again Thats Great..But Whats the Perk?
Prestige 1 Gives you Nothing. Not a Gun, Nor Any Sign or Job or Specialty You can Use. It's Kinda Unfair because i was Hoping to get something in return but to find out that i have to get back to level 100 when i just could've stayed it level is not very meaningful. 

Now the Reason i made this post is to get Attention of the Dev or Owner And Give Them Suggestions. 

First, Jobs....Now Don't Get me Wrong all the Jobs are Fine Even the Donater One's But Giving Atleast 2 to 3 Jobs to Prestiged Players would Be Nice. Stuff that Normal Players and Donaters dont Get Untill They Prestige. 

Second, Perks Like HP, Armor , Run Speed.
No, giving jobs to prestige players would probably throw it out of balance or make you complain about them just using weapons which you could have used for other non-prestige Jobs. Now, perks: good idea, but where is your concept?

Run speed, HP, and Armor would be unfair to all other players who just started playing and players who are low-level.
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