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GrandtheftGaming application
My Application
I am applying for the MilitaryRP server.
Steam name: John Hammond
Teamspeak name: Alan grand
SteamID: STEAM_0_0:102675894
In-game name: GrandTheftGaming but i might be changing it to Alan Grand some day
Age: 16 years old.
Garrys mod hours: 860 hours.
Country: I live in:The Netherlands
In game play time: 300hours.
How active can you be in game: Very.
Are you active in teamspeak: Slightly becouse there are usually no people on ts i use it to talk with people that dont have skype and sometimes with more poeple on the server.
Do you have a mic and can you use it: Yes
English level: 8.
Attempt number: 2
Have you recieved any kicks/bans and why:
Number of warning (most before ban)
One 3 day ban (2 years ago)
No kicks

Have you got any previous experience: i have been an admin on a minecraft server before but i stopped playing minecraft except for big creative projects and also i have been an admin on other small servers on other games oh and 2 friends of me are admin here
Why should you be chosen for this rank: the last time i tried to apply everyone was positive about everything except for the warnings but i got denied for applying for the wrong rank but i am usually online everyday except for when i got a lot of work to do and i have always liked being an admin i was always positive about it and i have a lot of experience not only on other servers and games i like helping people i have a good mic and headset my internet is good sometimes not as good the only donwside really is that my voice is not nicest sound in the world i played a lot of very seriousrp like santosrp and i am pretty good at judging someone breaking rules becouse of experience and overall i would love te this time apply for the right rank and help other people with problems on the server and since I know all the rules I hope that my application will be accepted I am usually in a positive mood and only report people when they really deserve it I don't think it is fair to bring someone to a sit that accidentally kills me and says sorry and so wasting his and my time I have never lied to an admin and when I break a rule example: killing someone who shot at me but turns out I got cross fired I admit it and say sorry I always try to stay to the facts and that is my reason why i want to to become trusted
Do you understand, that if you're in-active without a valid reason, you will be demoted: I understand.
Do you understand, that you will have to be forum, server and TeamSpeak 3 active or you will face a demotion: I understand.
Do you understand, that if you do get denied, this means you can apply again: I understand.
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Play time ingame
Gmod time


never saw him ingame ( a long time ago i did but now i don't see him anymore)
never saw him in ts
can be slightly on the TS

For me is this a 


sorry man but put more offert in your application !! start being active again and just join TS like start gmod and start TS

I am a Player ! I can play

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Alright I'll bee nice here...

Positives: Server time
Gmod time
Detail is aight
Making a 2nd app shows he wants this rank

Negatives: Lotta warns
3 day ban
Has a bad attitude
Rambles on in app
Almost always blames his fualts on others
Never uses ts
Shows mass amount of disrespect in this app, for example the .. after the 2 in his attempt number question. Example 2 how he trys to say his warns are the fualt of staff and that he reported a staff member, that report was denied.. that's not somthing to be proud of it actually shows lake of knowledge of the rules, and the fact that you try to use that as a positive in your app is obsurd. There are other examples of disrespect here, but I feel to point theme all put would be unnecessary.
My final negative is that you after 12.5 days in game you apparently still haven't learned the rules.

This leads me to give you a minus 1 for the reasons above.
[Image: bgvX3Ny44]
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The 2.. part I think is automatic
[Image: upolad80db7.png]
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Gmod time
Server Time
An OK amount of detail
The fact he has re-applied shows he wants the rank

You have a lot of warns
3 day ban (even though it was two years ago this is not good)
Has a bad attitude: In game you are very hostile towards other players
Rambles on in app: you are spending too much time trying to say why your warns are wrong and trying to make yourself look less guilty (That is harsh of me)
Almost always blames his faults on others: You were in a few of my sits yesterday, and you could never bring yourself to the truth.
I have NEVER seen you on the TeamSpeak.

Sorry but I have to give you a -1 as in my eyes you are not ready to be a staff member. But please try to change your ways!
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UHey ? Did you edited your application to fix the things we said ? 

Also who gave you permission to do that ? 


I am a Player ! I can play

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Are you active in teamspeak: Slightly becouse there are usually no people on ts i use it to talk with people that dont have skype and sometimes with more poeple on the se

So you say because there are not a lot of people on you don't join ?
Maby instead of using skype tell your friends / people you play with that they download TS ? so they can also learn new people ? and you are active on our TS ( there are channels that say OTHER GAME )

I am a Player ! I can play

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Yea but they don't want to download it and I don't feel like forcing them and I edited it because nobody told me not to and polishing it like adding more arguments and removing unnecacery information (the keeps rambling on part) I did not notice that my application looked weird since my last application (like 1 year ago) nothing has changed except play time and then I did not have ts that application was denied because of me accidentally applying for trusted and not trial trusted and the application got at least 5 +1 and zero -1 and I could not reapply in a few weeks and then I forgot about it and that is why but took so long what I don't understand and also people telling me blames faults on others so you are telling me that all those times when I was in a sit and I told why I was innocent or not you guys did not believe anyone that you could have told me oh and what I also wanted to edit that I made 2. 1 hour long videos about this server to promote the server what do you guys mean with bad attitude? I mean I know that I am going to get denied at this point

This reply is not an angry response (hard to see because it is written text)
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Who gave you permission to edit your application?
[Image: bgvX3Ny44]
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REASON: Not active enough on the IWIKU Gaming TeamSpeak server

Next reapply date: 26/01/2017
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