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I Love Murder Trusted Application - granny - 04-03-2019

I just going to say something. this forums account is very old. I only used it a handful of times so sorry.
I have been playing on the server since 2017 i became a vip admin on 10th of November 2017.
Sorry i cant find the original time when i started so sorry. the first time i played it was the call of duty
WW2 server. when i first became a vip admin i was on every day i was trying to deal with rule breaks and hackers
this was during 2017 which every game was at least filled with one hacker so i tried my best to deal with them
so yeah that's my hole backstory 

Your Steam name: I Love Murder

Your Team Speak name: I don't got one so sorry 

Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:124671099

Your In-game name: I Love Murder 

Your Age: 14 

How many Garry's mod hours have you got in total: I have exactly 2,523 hours 

In what country are you located?: Canada Mountain Daylight Time

Your play-time on the server: once again i cant say. since the WW2 was rebooted, maybe 200 hours or 100. but i cant say

How active can you be on the server: im 14 so i have school but ill try my best to be on. on the weekends ill be most active

Are you active the IWIKU Gaming Discord: Yes. i am active on discord. my discord is The Darkness#8904

Do you have a mic and are you able to use it: Yes. i'm usually in IWIKU lounge 

Your English level on a scale of 1-10. 10 i lived in Canada my hole live so yeah

Is this the first application you've made for this rank; if no please state what attempt: Yes, This is my very first application 

Have you received any kicks/bans/warnings and why: Ive never been kick warned or banned

Do you have any previous experience as a staff member in a community; i was vip on IWKIU from 2017 to 2018 but reactive in 2019

RE: I Love Murder Admin application - LunasDaddy2017 - 04-03-2019

POSITIVE: Good play time, very friendly. Communicates with staff and players well. Has knowledge of VIPadmin role. 

NEUTRAL: Not much info given in regards to experience, like that you understand how commands work and the staff guidelines, however I personally know that you know this stuff. 



RE: I Love Murder Trusted Application - Oui Oui - 04-04-2019

I'm going to stay neutral. I don't remember seeing you, I know I'm afk a lot but don't remember seeing you in discord lounge, which I'm active on, however from what Lunas said you seem pretty aware of how stuff works.

RE: I Love Murder Trusted Application - Oui Oui - 04-04-2019

Wait I was confused with another app, yes this is a +1 from me, we played together and chatted, very nice person.

RE: I Love Murder Trusted Application - HStorm - 04-06-2019


I want to speak to all the accepted people on Monday 8th March 5PM GMT time before I set your rank. Will just be to go through my expectations and going over some of the rules

If you cant make it let me know

RE: I Love Murder Trusted Application - EllFrog - 05-22-2020

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