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Posted by: HStorm - 4 hours ago - Replies (1)

Like I promised in a previous post now its time to deliver. I have been working on this for a while now and its time to release it. The gamemode is DarkRP. When I first started Garry's Mod this was the first ever gamemode I created and in my opinion my most enjoyed by many people. What makes this DarkRP better than others. First of this DarkRP will be a semi serious server. I will make sure the staffing is up to par I do run my DarkRP differently to others. One main rule that also differs from other servers is you don't need to /advert RAID.

What content is in the server
- Printers (Best printers yet in my opinion)
- Over 30 Jobs  including the famous dog job
- A classic F4 menu that has been revamped by myself to be compatible on this version of Garry's Mod
- A New Hud
- Gang system
- Bitmining
- Drug system
- Meth
- New Weapons which also support skins
- All the classic building tools such as fading door keypad etc
- VIP jobs/Printers

As its half term and we have a new server I will be giving away 4 ranks everyday. How it work is the players with the most playtime on that specific day will be entered into a draw draw 4 numbers get picked out 1 for diamond 1 for Gold 1 for Silver 1 for Bronze. If you choose to leave your PC on you still will be entered in the draw.

Call Of Gmod/DarkRP
I will still be concetrating on both servers. There will be updates on Call Of Gmod and so on...

Donation Ranks
Do they carry over: No
Why: 2 servers double the cost.

The IP for the server will be a 

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Posted by: HStorm - 02-16-2019, 05:24 AM - No Replies

The new ROLEPLAY server I mentioned recently will be coming to IWIKU Gaming on MONDAY 18TH FEBRUARY. I will release the gamemode name on Sunday.

I will be doing a number of giveaways and competitions for this server which will also be announced in my post on Sunday.

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  Call Of Gmod Update (2.0)
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Posted by: HStorm - 02-09-2019, 05:19 AM - No Replies

This main patch is about weapon balancing and fixing


I am not going to list what weapon has been removed from each job just what has changed if people dont like that particular job anymore I do have a copy of the previous patch so i can revert if need be.

German Type One - changed weapon added the STG 
- Increased recoil slightly decreased damage reduced the rate of fire
German Type Two -  Decreased Damage
German Medic - removed its weapon added SW1917 its a pistol does 50 damage (This is a risk may not work people may not like and may get changed)
German SS Private - Changed weapon to Greasegun
- Increased firerate 
German SS Corporal -  Fixed weapon KP31
- Fixed backup ammo starting at 0
- Lowered firerate slightly
- Increased recoil slightly
German SS Senior - Changed weapon to Sten
- Increased damage slightly
German SS Leader - Added new weapon MP40

Allied Soldier Type 2 - Added new weapon Owen
Allied Medic - Same as German medic 
Allied Corporal - Changed Bar
- Reduced recoil by 75%
Allied Sergeant - Changed weapon to Greasegun
-Increased firerate
Allied Lieutenant - Changed weapon to MG34
- Increased Damage
Switched the next 3 classes weapons around didn't adjust damages or recoil.
Allied General - Changed weapon to Thompson
- Increased damage slightly

New Maps
Operation Gold


I want to say thanks to everyone who gave ideas on how to improve the server keep them coming in the future..

Some Shoutouts
Witparry and chesiren for operation Gold
flefingbridge transport 1 (Even though you were quite rude in your post me and my "monkey's"  did appreciate that long thread you made and  I did react to a lot of things you wrote because you made some valid points so thankyou for that)
Onurdef posting his feedback on the forums about improvements

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  Call Of Gmod Update (1.5)
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Posted by: HStorm - 02-06-2019, 03:03 AM - No Replies

Only 1.5 because of small changes

- Fixed issue where players can spawn stuff
- Removed GM_Bigisland
- Added rp_bangclaw 

Thanks for the feedback in the discord it really does help me change it quickly when people do not like the maps added same again please on this map.

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  Call Of Gmod Update (1)
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Posted by: HStorm - 02-05-2019, 03:44 AM - Replies (3)

Instead of releasing one big update I will be doing it in stages over the coming week

- gm_bigisland has been added to the game. I have heard a lot of people complaining that its just downtown and Berlin here is something new thoughts down below will always help and suggestions of new maps. I have more maps to come however again releasing them all at once is not always the best thing.
- I have fixed a common crash error
- I have removed the killfeed and added a new one. Many people were having crash issues and lag issues from the kill feed. The new killfeed has a sleeker design, gives you the distance of the kill and will highlight Double kill, triple kill etc etc
- I have added a new anti cheat which will catch many aimbotters and cheaters. How it works is there is a invisible drone in the sky of the server and when someone is aimbotting it will automatically lock onto the drone a few times within quick succession you will be instantly banned. This should cut out a lot of aimhackers. 

As you can see here anyone that ever has issues with the IWIKU server and cannot connect I always urge them to contact me or post it on the forum and I will do my bestto spend timne with you and fix it. If YOU have an issue with the server it may not be just you like on this occasion. This issue would have effected other people who did not make a post or contact me because it was a server issue not client issue

[Image: fafd952354.png]
[Image: da7d0c965c.png]



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  IWIKU Gaming News
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Posted by: HStorm - 02-03-2019, 04:57 AM - Replies (4)

Sam's Removal
As you many people have realised Sam has been removed from the server on a permanent basis and will not be welcomed back. As many of you were aware the website went down on Monday. Unfortunately there was a security breach on my website and my servers. Sam never had access to my IWIKU Gaming Call Of Gmod server only my Test server and my website. There was a security breach on both of them however I will be honest I can not confirm it is Sam. The IP does not match Sams IP address however it did come from Sams account. I have backups of the website therefore it was a quick fix however the test server had my COG update on it which I did not that's why there has been a delay on the release. This left me with no option but to remove him from the community.

COG Update (Coming this week)
- Prestige Jobs
- New Maps
- Leaderboards will be ready
- New Anti cheat
- Modification of weapons

Community Meetings
I will be holding meetings once every 2 weeks to explain whats happening on the server that week and what to expect and just to talk in general. It will be optional to attend for users but staff will have to unless they cannot make it. This will be explained in more detail in the future. 

Staff Team
I would like to thank all of the staff team and users in general for being so understanding over the last week especially with the website going down and the server update not coming I cannot thankyou enough for that and I promise this it will be coming very soon by the end of the week latest. I would also like to congratulate Oui Oui on his promotion to Admin his hard work over the last 2 weeks has not gone un-noticed and deserves the next rank up.

Manager Rank
I understand the managers and superadmins do not get to speak to me enough and are often left in the dark about the updates and events like this and I can assure you that is totally down to me and my communication will be a lot better in the future. That goes down to all staff to be honest. I am thinking how I can work around my scheduled to make it work.

Owner Rank
There will be a new Co Owner/Owner in the future not just yet but one day there will be. You do need to remember its hard work being at the top when things are good its good. When things are not good and you have to stay up all night to make sure the website is back up in time for the morning and then have to still get up and go about my normal day it is sometimes hard to get around to everyone. Some people think I dont care about the community usually because they get banned or do not like me but I stay up to these sort of times so I get everything prepared for everyone that plays the server.



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  IWIKU Gaming Update
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Posted by: HStorm - 01-22-2019, 03:48 AM - Replies (2)

I want to thank everyone for there support over the last few days and weeks but now its time to really push forward as a community and move forward which starts today.

I just want to go through some things with everyone who comes on the server and plays the server. Especially to the people who have played on this community for a long time

Whats coming next?
Myself and Sam are working on bringing a new server to the community. For all the people who thought I would just come back with a Call Of GMOD server you are wrong. A role play server will be coming to the community very shortly. ETA on the release of the server is 1-2 weeks however we may surprise you earlier Smile I will let you know the gamemode name when I have a release date for the server. There are updates coming for COG that will be released over the next coming days.

I would like to go through some of the roles on the server in more detail and progression on the server

Manager - A manager on IWIKU Gaming is somneone that has very high responsibly on the server. This person has the superadmin rank on ALL IWIKU servers. Getting this rank is hard and you should be very proud to become a manager on IWIKU Gaming. You should be setting an example on the server helping the progression of the server.

Senior Manager - This is a person that needs to lead the server when the Owners are not online if someone needs a high up rank this is the person to go to. They are in charge of the managers and getting this rank will be hard on this community you really need to care about the community and want to progress further.

Co Owner/Owner 
I want to make it clear that in the future we will have a Co Owner rank myself and Sam do want Co Owners in the future. The more and more servers we release the more the community grows the more support we will need.

I just want to add a note because I didn't really do this well for the first time so I am going to do it again

Thanks HStorm

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Posted by: HStorm - 01-14-2019, 04:28 AM - No Replies

Over this coming week you will see some small changes to the community. This will be explained throughout the week on different days. More detail posted shortly.

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Posted by: HStorm - 01-05-2019, 04:57 AM - Replies (4)


- Added 2 new maps
- Added a new time feature so you can see who plays the most F7 to see this
- Increased Dog speed
- Increased greasegun firerate
- Added new anti cheat
- Added snapper to the server

Any issues with the new maps, thoughts would be appreciated. 

Comment below 

[Image: 766449ea57.png]

F7 MENU Smile

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  Forum Bug Fix
User Avatar Forum: News and Announcements
Posted by: HStorm - 01-03-2019, 03:42 AM - No Replies

Many people/everyone making a new account was having an issue registering and receiving an error of 

SQL Error:
1062 - Duplicate entry '31689' for key 'PRIMARY'

This has now been fixed.
Everyone should be able to register with no problems.
I have tested the issue myself and it is now working. Any problems you know where to find me.

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