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  Call Of Gmod Update
Posted by: HStorm - 04-18-2019, 05:43 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

Tonight there has been a major update on the server. I did explain previously I want there to be an incentive to stay on the server and tonight comes that update in my opinion.

I would like to thank Lunas for his help tonight especially with setting the spawn points fore the new maps and general feedback.

I would also like to thank everyone for there continue support on the server whether thats playing or just being apart of this community.

What has been added?

Today I have reworked the rank system from the WW2 server. It is very similar to the WW2 server where you type !rank however now in the top right of the screen you have the TOP 3 players for kills which will automatically update. Let me explain how this is going to work from the 1st of May the kills will get reset on the leaderboard then at the end of the end of the month the top 3 players will be rewarded. What the reward is I have not decided however it isn't going be bad I promise. Then on the 1st of June it will reset and you go again. Therefore 3 prizes will be given out every month. Meanwhile when you join the server you have a loading screen which shows your stats. This will show your TOTAL kills on the server so you can keep count on how many kills you have on the server. This means the !rank and the loading screen stats will NOT correlate. 

[Image: 0fb087df9a.png][Image: ffb697fee5.png]

What I am going to do is put the Rank system into beta testing and from 18th till the 30th April when the clock hits 11.59 on April the 30th the kills will be reset and the top 3 players will each receive Gold Silver and bronze VIP ranks to do as they wish with. However the prizes will be different from the 1st of May on wards. 

Any players found cheating/bug exploiting will have kills deducted or wiped.

There has now been hitmarkers added to the server. It is very simple yet effective

A Call Of Duty classic has been added Terminal. Anyone who has played Call Of Duty before may have seen this map.
CityRuins -  This is based on a town that has been destroyed by a bomb/ explosives. This map is a medium sized map good for close combat 

Modified weapons
Changed weapons on the Prestige 1 classes.
Lowered the level from 250 to 170 to Prestige 

Just a quick reminder I be holding a general meeting/chat where anyone can come and listen in and ask questions. This will be on the IWIKU Gaming Discord from 5PM today.

Thanks HStorm

Posted by: HStorm - 04-14-2019, 03:20 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

First of I would like to thank everyone for there contribution to the server this week from staff to vips to users everyone has been great.

I would like to also apologise for my lack of communication over the week just gone but now I am ready and able to communicate my next steps for the server.

Over the next few weeks you will see some changes to the structure of the community. This may sound vague for now however in due course it will explain more. This is nothing to do with server updates, this is basically trying to build a foundation for the community.

Call Of Gmod Afghanistan server
There are going to be a number of changes and updates over the coming days from maps to jobs to models to levels. 

Prestige Level
This is a big talking topic at the moment and I have really looked into detail about the best way forward. I have decided for now the Prestige level will be changed from 250 to 170. This may change in the future again however with more double XP weekend and things like that I feel that could be the right amount to prestige.

I will be hosting a small meeting this Thursday at 5PM. This wont be a normal meeting it will be more of a general talk to people who want to join. Staff do not have to attend this meeting if they dont want to however it is open to everyone the more the better.

When the next update comes out that will come with a change log document.



Posted by: HStorm - 04-05-2019, 05:00 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

I would like to thank everyone for there hard work this week on the server. People that play and support the server in anyway they can really do help the community and I do thank you yet again for your continuous support. 

Double XP
From Midnight today the server will go into DOUBLE XP MODE.

What does this mean?
Same as Call Of Duty you will receive double your normal XP for a kill

When does this end?
Sunday Midnight

Server Updates
I will be releasing a Change log tomorrow on a spreadsheet where certain staff members will have access to it. This means every change on the server will be updated constantly on the spreadsheet. This will show detailed changes on the server.

Call Of Gmod WW2
Fixed the bug where it was showing 62 lua errors

I am Very pleased with every staff member that I had a chat to. Every staff member took my feedback on board. This week I have received no reports of toxic, abusive staff or anything of the sort. Furthermore I have also received positive feedback on how staff are reacting to cheaters on the server. I am really impressed and this is how I expect the server to be staffed. 

Staff Team
Unfortunately there are going to be a few changes to the staff team some positive some negative (This would have already been done before this post goes live). From now on anyone that gets demoted I will not write publicly my reasons. I will put it in the staff chat explaining my reasons then if people want to know they can ask. I will also PM on discord anyone that gets demoted the reasons. I really want to focus a lot on the staff team over the coming weeks and really progress the right people.



  Call Of Gmod Afghanistan War Update
Posted by: HStorm - 04-02-2019, 03:23 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

There has been an update over the past 2 days on the Call Of Gmod server. First of all I would like to thank CHARLIE and LUNAS for all there hard work going through the weapons and modifying the damages. 

What has changed
- Weapon Damages
- added 2 new maps to the server
- changed some of the weapons on the jobs
- added new sniper job for low level

There will be more updates to come throughout the week focusing on the VIP jobs, maps and ranking system, and models in the server

I would like to thank everyone who has supported the server and played the server

Expect a more detailed post overt the next few days 



  Call Of Gmod Afghanistan Release
Posted by: HStorm - 03-30-2019, 11:41 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

Today the Call Of Gmod Afghanistan server has been released. The theme for the server is Marine Vs Taliban. 

The server IP is

I do expect bugs any bugs and weapon balancing will be addressed. Please be patient with any bugs or issues and report them to a member of staff or comment down below. I am always looking to improve the server all the time. I have tried a few things eg extended map timer this may change and is only been implemented as a test based on feedback. I would like to say a huge thanks to EVERYONE who came on in the morning had to put up with a delay and a few bugs. I would also like to say a BIG THANKS to charlie for spending all night with me working on the server and ensuring it could be released today.

  Call Of Gmod Afghanistan War
Posted by: HStorm - 03-29-2019, 03:03 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (6)

I am hoping this is the server will be a success and something I can say this is my best ever creation. I have really put a lot of effort into this version of Call Of Gmod.

Saturday 30th March 



[Image: 21b5c008ef.png]
Even though this may look the same to many people at first eye but it has been polished and revamped. The level of the job and prestige look cleaner and is not to the right of the name anymore. Furthermore if you are not the right level or prestige the job will be greyed out meaning you are unable to choose the job.

The levelling system for this Call Of Gmod is going to be changed and there are going to be a lot of new things I am going to be adding to the server. To start with the Levelling system level XP bonus level up slightly faster. However the Prestige level was 100 on the Call Of Gmod WW2 this has been changed on this version of Call Of Gmod to 250. You may think thats extreme but it isn't. Lets be honest it doesn't take to long to reach a level 100 on the WW2 and rather than nerfing the levelling system making it harder to level up I prefer to do it this way. This will also give me the opportunity to do DOUBLE XP WEEKENDS. The first Double XP weekend for the server will be SATURDAY 6TH APRIL this will be announced again closer to the event.

The server will be using a new type of weapons which are suitable for this gamemode. These weapons will have the option to customise and there will be "skins" on some weapons  

[Image: 3cf11d3ee7.png][Image: bee3ef59c8.png]

There are over 30 skins in the game I dont really want to give to much away.

The max amount you can PRESTIGE is 10 so far on the server. For the release the server will have 3 Prestige roles which include 6 Different jobs for Taliban and Marine so in total 36 New jobs if you hit the 3rd Prestige (Dont think I explained that well sorry I dont really know how to word it you will understand when you are on the server.) Once someone is getting close to Prestige 3 I will add more jobs all the way up to 10. 

I have a variety of different maps for the server which really suit the theme again there will be maps people dont like I need feedback please on DAY 1 for this so i can address the issue

The stats system will work the same as the COG WW2 however the !rank will not be a feature until I fix this system. I am working on a system where all the data which links to the loading screen will turn into a ranking system bare with me on this please. YOUR STATS will still save on the loading screen and I have had no issues with anyone data on the loading screen to this date. It was the !rank system a minority of people were having the issue with.

I have added a referral system into the server which will give you levels for having | IWIKU | in your name, joining the steamgroup, joining the discord and referring every player that uses your referral link to join the server will give you levels.

At the end of the day to all the people who donated for VIP on my COG WW2 server. It does state you donated for that server only. I hope people do understand 2 servers double the cost. HOWEVER as the gamemodes are similar to ANYONE that has donated on my WW2 server if they join the server on RELEASE DATE OR THE SUNDAY I will let them have there VIP on both servers. That is me being very generous. If you come on the server any other day after my answer will be No I am sorry and will link you this post. This only includes packages Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and  Vipadmin. Anyone that has a staff rank same rules apply  but if you dont come on THE Call of Gmod Afghanistan server within the first 2 days this means you will opnly be staff on ther COG WW2 and if you ask to be staff on the new server after the 2 days my answer will be you will need to apply for the server.

We are taking a different approach to staffing on this new Call Of Gmod which will eventually move over to the WW2 Call Of Gmod. I will be making a separate section on the forum which only Trusted and above can see and will be posting my expectations and a slight change to permissions on each ranks. This will be posted before the release of the server and will be linked in Discord.

I dont think I have missed anything ANY QUESTIONS COMMENT DOWN BELOW

Thanks HStorm

Posted by: HStorm - 03-23-2019, 11:54 PM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (1)

First of I would like to thank everyone for there continued support on the server and to the community in general.


I am going to start of with whats coming tomorrow
IWIKU Gaming are releasing a new type of DarkRP on a larger scale map. There will be a lot more jobs to do and a lot more aspects to the game. The server has cars, taxis, bikes and a bus to get around. The server has been tested today and works well. The map is very large however I feel even with a small amount of players there is a lot to do. This releases tomorrow at 7AM

[Image: 184ce96b86.jpg][Image: e1bf1b41ce.jpg]

[Image: 1f354cb7c0.jpg][Image: 876466e4f3.jpg]
The inspiration for this server is to create a server that is similar to a real life situation however with semi serious aspects to the server. 
The IP for the server will

On Saturday 30TH March 2019 a NEW Call Of Gmod will be released to the community based on a Taliban's and Marines theme.
Whats  going to be in the server?
- Some cool maps
- Some classic maps that old players will remember
- Slight changes to level system and prestige system (Post will follow Monday)
- Referral system
- Rewards in game

On Monday I will put out a major post with a lot more information and screenshots. 

[Image: Untitled3.png]
[Image: Iwikiu.png]
I have not forgotten about the Call of Gmod WW2 that will be a thing still and will be going through a revamp once the COG Afghanistan server I would like to share the images above made by Umbrella. 

Anyone who plays my server, joins my discord supports the server in anyway really help. You guys make the server I just make the content. Some names I want to list for the extra dedication over the last few weeks. Elliscool, OuiOui, Lunas, Onurdef, Soul and Spooky. There probably are many more people I have missed these are just a few that really have stood out

Thanks HStorm

Posted by: HStorm - 03-14-2019, 04:50 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - Replies (5)

"Sometimes you have to take 1 step backwards to take 2 step forwards"

So over the last few days many people would have noticed the playercount has drastically dropped on the Call Of Gmod that is down to 2 reasons the LAG on the current server and the constant timing out and crashing of players. The IP only changed temporarily until the other IP comes back up. Unfortunately the ddos attacks have been on and off over the last 2 days on the IP address. Normally my ddos protection cant outlast an attack like this which not only took my server down took all of the servers ran of my Host thats how big this attack was. Therefore we have had to invest in a lot better ddos protection which can withstand very large ddos attack as of today. The server will be on a new IP address as of NOW and it will be permanent. This server is located in France and has apparently should run 3X better than the normal COG and I can assure you it will run a lot better than the laggy ip we had over the last few days.

Updates to COG
- Fixed the loading screen so it shows your stats again
- Fixed the fasdl because on the laggy server it took people ages to join this has now been fixed
- Fixed the general crashing (this has been tested)
- Added 3 NEW MAPS
rp_downtown_remastered yeah yeah not another downtown
rp_kielce_pog_v4 This is a German themed map I think this will be a popular choice maybe i'm wrong that for you to decide
rp_world This map was added on the laggy IP however a section was blocked of this has now been unblocked and there are 2 different spawn points for allies so they cant get spawn trapped also the spawn points have changed for both teams.

As you can see the website has changed a lot. I have gone down this route for various reasons.
- Looks a lot better on the eye
- Added threads on left panel
- Added whos online on left panel
- now the thread text is not in white it actually shows the rank of show posted a thread on the left hand panel

HOWEVER the biggest change to the forum is the Mobile version. The website is now mobile friendly you should not have any bugs and really has been worked hard on over the last few days.
If you dont like the website change that is fine you dont have to visit but unfortunately for those who dont like I wont be reverting this back.

I would like to welcome Elliscool and /CSW2K to the staff team. Elliscool you will see a lot of him over the next few days myself and him have had some discussions and know where we want to take the server. Ellis has been a member of this community for 4 years, he is very experienced and friendly so feel free too message him. /CSW2K has also been brought into the staff team mainly because he helps out with many of the COG updates at night when everyone else is sleeping, he makes a lot of effort with new players that come on the server teaching them how to play the game  and also understands where I want to take the community.

I made this community so different types of people can come together and have fun playing my servers. They can come and meet new people and really have a good time. However attitudes of some people must change from some individuals because if not they will be leaving and not returning. Let me explain http://www.iwikugaming.com/showthread.php?tid=8757. This is a post I don't really like seeing. When a staff member abuses there power you should for SURE report them EGnoclipping and shooting people but in this situation it was not the case. HOWEVER do not go out of your way to try and catch staff members out just come on and play for fun. This works both ways..... Banning a player on this community should be a LAST RESORT. So what myself and Ellis have decided is EVERY temp ban on the server which was around 8 bans have been removed but EVERY PERM ban remains banned. This is just one event I picked out there has been multiple events I have noticed which could effect other players on the server. If you dont like someone you doint have to be there friends just be civil to them simple as that. Don't segregate them from the community.



  Call Of Gmod Update
Posted by: HStorm - 03-11-2019, 05:45 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

- Fixed few bugs 
- Improved server issues
- 2 NEW MAPS rp_world and swampland

Added the new login rewards system however wasn't working spent a while trying to fix it however didn't manage it will fix in test server tomorrow and add


Thanks HStorm

  Call Of Gmod Announcment
Posted by: HStorm - 03-10-2019, 06:29 AM - Forum: News and Announcements - No Replies

Unfortunately some people just have to ruin the fun for others and the Call Of Gmod server was offline for a few hours. The main IP of the server is still offline and is unable to join however I always have a backup if people do manage to take down the server. My hosting company does have very good ddos protection however on occasions some do get through and this one has.

Therefore I have had to move the server over to a different ip while the other server is offline 



If you dont know how to join there are multiple ways either look through the server listings or just type connect in console to join

Sorry for any inconvenience


The IWIKU Gaming server was formed in Sepetember 2012 by myself and we have only grown stronger over the years the IWIKU Gaming community strives to be the best gaming community. We currently own the ORGINAL MilitaryRP server which continues to grow. Myself wished to create a gaming community in which players could have the best gameplay possible!